Alex Gordon loves to play background music.  Simple as that.  Now, it may seem strange for a guitarist to so thoroughly enjoy stepping out of the spotlight but such is the case with Atlanta's premiere baritone guitarist.  Maybe it's the guitar.  A baritone, to be specific.  The baritone guitar has a deeper, warmer register that adeptly accompanies any occasion where folks gather together to be social.  And in Alex Gordon's hands a baritone guitar becomes a veritable orchestra, in and of itself, capable of making any social gathering exquisitely pleasant and equally memorable. 

Whether you're planning a wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, opening reception, networking event, dinner party, convention, gallery opening, or just a quiet dinner with friends, you've no need to look any further for the perfect live music selection than Alex Gordon.  Alex has an uncanny ability to zero in on a musical frequency that welcomes all in attendance to immediately feel at ease and enjoy themselves.  Twenty years of performing for events of all types, has given Alex

a tremendous amount of experience working with people and for being able to appreciate what type of music suits each specific event. With a repertoire of songs that reaches through the years and touches on familiar melodies from every era, from Frank Sinatra to Janet Jackson,  Alex Gordon plays music that appeals to everyone.  Songs you know and love are presented with warm, groovy arrangements that provide the perfect backdrop for people to converse over. 

And when there's a lull in the conversation, Alex's musical creations can fill the silence deftly for they are as engaging as they are relaxing. 

Alex performs at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport every Tuesday and Friday

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