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"Nobody plays solo baritone guitar like Alex Gordon.  Then again, you've probably never met anyone like Alex Gordon, either!  One of the beautiful things about Alex is that he has a strongly etched, unique, multi-layered and highly attractive personality, and it is exactly reflected in his music, just as it is in his life. 

How many people can say that?  Not that many!"


  - Tuck & Patti

(Tuck Andress & Patti Cathcart)

Baritonic Guitar version of "Clocks" by Coldplay


Baritonic guitar.


While most folks have never even heard of it, for Alex Gordon, the baritone guitar is a way of life. Nestled comfortably between a bass and a guitar, the baritone guitar features a handsome low register that easily furnishes bass lines while maintaining a comparable higher range for those all-too-important musical devices: melody and harmony. When he made the full-time switch to baritone guitar in 2005, Alex knew he had found the musical avenue on which he belonged. “I remember playing a baritone for the first time and it felt like I was home. I knew right away that I had work to do.”

Taking cues from innovative solo guitarists such as Chet Atkins, Tuck Andress, and Charlie Hunter (each of whom developed a highly individual and unique brand of fingerstyle guitar playing), Alex saw the baritone guitar as a means of expanding on the extensive groundwork laid by these true pioneers. “Baritone was obviously a perfect fit for what I wanted to be able to do, which was, ultimately, to be a self-contained musical unit.” With one baritone guitar, Alex Gordon can simultaneously play bass lines, chords, melodies and drum beats and he does so live, in real time, without loop pedals or backing tracks. Alex conjures the necessary musical elements and presents them all in a highly listenable and distinctly agreeable package of baritone guitar sound. People who have heard Alex perform once will instantly recognize that “Alex Gordon Hi-Fi Sound” whenever they hear it again. Often described as relaxing, engaging, and enjoyable, Alex's solo baritonic guitar work is something that appeals to listeners of every age.


"I’m not really interested in virtuosic guitar playing. I’m far more interested in honing a Self-Contained Guitar sound that has a steady beat and is easy to listen to. Something that creates a calm, fun mood. In other words, I’m not trying to wow people with flawless technique and death-defying precision. I want my solo baritonic guitar work to sound like the band that backed up The Drifters."

                                                                                                                                              - Alex Gordon

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"I've always wanted to be able to play guitar like that."

Jon Anderson, Yes

"Alex - The stuff is great.  Had a ball listening."

John Sebastian, The Lovin' Spoonful

“Alex is a professional's professional -- superbly talented and a really nice guy to work with. Always the right vibe and cares deeply about his craft. Highly recommended.”

Michael Kloss - Emory University Advancement Events

“I cannot recommend Alex more highly. He is my go-to musician for clients and personal events alike. He is highly professional, and incredible gifted. I absolutely love his style and talent - he is an amazing addition to make the ambiance of any event next level.”

Jacin Fitzgerald - Jacin Fitzgerald Events

“Alex Gordon is the upmost professional and truly a master artist in his craft. He has never disappointed myself or anyone that I have brought to listen to his music. I have had Alex play at a number of my restaurant operations over the last 5 years and he has always been my favorite, without question. So much so, I even had him play my own personal wedding reception 2 years ago. Deciding to work with Alex Gordon will never be a decision you will regret. The unique sound and artistry Alex creates is truly something to be celebrated by all who are fortunate enough to treat their ears to his gift.”

Steve Pinheiro - Restaurant Manager, Reynolds Lake Oconee

“Alex is an extraordinary talent that brings a great vibe to any event or gathering.”

Billy Allin - Owner, Bread & Butterfly

“Alex was spectacular! He arrived on time, well dressed and performed brilliantly. His approach to solo guitar is amazing, playing very full arrangements (bass line, chords, melody line and percussion sounds) all coming out of his baritone guitar. When watching him it is hard to reconcile the economy of motion of his hands with what your ears are hearing. MANY attendees at the event came over to me to comment on how much they enjoyed Alex's playing. On the scale of 1 to 5 stars he really needs about 8. It would be impossible for me to recommend him any higher.”

Mark S. - Atlanta Botanical Gardens, father of the groom

"Alex was absolutely perfect.  His music was just right for this event -  we all loved it!  He arrived way early and had a great accommodating attitude.  I would definitely consider hiring him again."


- Joan Gershon, Emory University

"Alex Gordon does an awesome job!  He performed at an event I attended and I enjoyed his music so much, we hired him for a customer event the following year.  Alex does a great job managing the crowd and judging the environment.  He plays loud enough to be present and noticeable for guests to appreciate the music,  bop their head and tap their feet but careful not to overpower the networking occurring at the same time.  Alex was really easy to work with and very flexible.  We would be honored to have him play at future events." 


- Tracy Weatherly, Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway

"Alex Gordon is a very talented and professional musician who is a super easy to work with.  I am thankful when clients request a musician for their event because I know I can recommend Alex Gordon and know that they will be thrilled.  As I work with clients for weddings, receptions, professional seminars and training sessions, I keep Alex Gordon in mind. He's an excellent musician with a stellar work ethic!"


- Regina Roberts, Events By Saving Grace

"I highly recommend Alex! He's easy to work with, professional, and above all, super talented!  I engaged him for a corporate event, a happy hour and casual buffet dinner which was held outside on a deck. My guests loved Alex, his laid-back demeanor, his music,

and the smooth "sound-track" he provided for the evening!"

- Laurie Pike, Sr. Executive Assistant, JLL 

"I booked Alex to play an hour’s worth of Christmas music at our event.  My team and I were blown away; Alex exceeded expectations in every area.  He was prompt, professional, well-dressed, and obviously incredibly talented.  He wowed our guests.  With just a guitar, he made the atmosphere of our event convivial, inviting, and fun.  I’m a very satisfied customer."


- Jared Humphries, Decatur City Church

"Alex plays his own bass lines and chords and melodies on one instrument! You don't get that from anybody else. This is a unique talent. His style is subtle, so you don't realize all that is going on. I asked him to learn a well known song for my wedding, but make it his own. 2 weeks later, he performed this for the most important song of the event and it was beautiful!"


- Ben Stohr, groom

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