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Music for Television, Film, & Other Media

Thank you for your interest in Alex Gordon Hi-Fi.  Relax and have a listen.

All Alex Gordon Hi-Fi material on this page is exclusively available for licensing via Bulletproof Bear Music. Please contact them via their website or at 323.507.3555 for any licensing inquiries. To browse all available tracks, alternate mixes, stems, etc. visit the Bulletproof Bear catalog

A-Shopping We Will Go FRONT JACKET
Streetcomber FRONT JACKET
Town Cover Artwork.png

Each Alex Gordon Hi-Fi release displayed here has been thoroughly metatagged for iTunes, SoundMiner, and other users, and features a wide variety of alternate mixes, stems, sound design elements, and other standalone sound files so as to give editors as much flexibility as possible. Custom work is always welcome too, so please feel free to touch base anytime you’d like your own version of the Alex Gordon Hi-Fi sound.

Music lovers who are interested in Alex Gordon Hi-Fi projects for their own enjoyment will find many releases available on iTunes, Spotify, and other streaming platforms.  Several new releases are currently in the works, so stay tuned to the website for updated information.  Thank you for listening.


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