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Green Front Jacket Image of "The Crux" Digital Workbook

"The Crux" - Essential Music Theory For The Self-Contained Guitarist (Module 1)


Unlock the fretboard through the power of the major scale.


Learn the foundation of SELF-CONTAINED GUITAR in this user-friendly, engaging workbook.  The Crux is essential to playing SELF-CONTAINED GUITAR and consists of 3 elements: the fretboard, the major scale, the triads.  Since this book covers some fundamental, universal guitar music theory, it is also ideal for non-solo guitarists, songwriters, and casual strummers who are seeking to improve their knowledge of the fretboard, expand their grasp of chords,  or further understand how the major scale works.  The Crux Digital Workbook contains over 60 PDFs which cover the following concepts:


  • Chromatic Notes

  • Half Steps/Whole Steps

  • Unisons & Octaves

  • The Major Scale Formula

  • C Major on The Fretboard

  • Major Scale Intervals

  • The Triad Formulas (major, minor, diminished, augmented)

  • Chord Voicings (inversions, barre chords)

  • The Harmonized Major Scale

  • Chord Progressions

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