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start with The Stronghand Chronicles

The Stronghand Chronicles

A Complimentary Video Series For Developing
Finger Control, Endurance and Dexterity

The Stronghand Chronicles
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About The Stronghand Chronicles


Self-Contained Guitar requires a tremendous amount of hand/finger dexterity, endurance and control, requirements that often take a great deal of time and effort to manifest.  And contrary to popular belief, your hand/finger size does not matter.  

Thankfully, my new series, THE STRONGHAND CHRONICLES, provides focused exercises and maneuvers which concentrate specifically on nurturing and bolstering those requirements with intentional swiftness for hands of any size.  

This FREE video lesson series will feature a number of supplemental pointers, hints and “tricks” that will greatly enhance study of the Self-Contained Guitar method and give you the STRONGHAND you’ve always longed for.

Each video in the series includes an accompanying set of PDF files for your downloading convenience.

Baritonic Guitar Versions

watch arrangements of your favorite melodies in the solo baritonic style